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    Well here is the continuing saga about David. He finally thought and wrote about our predicament. here is what he said: Hi MissAnn, I've thought on things...I've even prayed on things, Ann. I think that as much as anything, my reality right now is such that I don't think I "have it in me" to possibly start up a long distance relationship. I'm not trying to be presumptuous in saying that I know that's what would happen, but my heart and head both tell me that's what would likely happen...and logic tells me that'd be the primary hope in meeting. I mean, I don't think we'd meet, hit it off really well and then say "okay, that was nice - take care now." Is it not a fear of something great or of happiness - God no! It is a fear of not being able to give you what you undeniably deserve, as you deserve the best I could give - even more than that, actually. I don't think you can realize - and that's not an indictment or accusation of any sort - how this situation with work just sucks the life out of me. I know I told you I felt I was struggling to keep my head above water...I mean it's as though I'm bleeding out and other than simply quit, I don't know what to do. This drain, this effort to keep putting one hoof in front of the other each just leaves little energy for much of anything. (And I hate that.) We both know any relationship requires/deserves energy and I've always believed in that adage of "four seasons" in terms of knowing someone. And therein lies the rub... I don't know how you'll react to this but as I've always said "I've never lied to ya and I'm not gonna start now" and so it's in that spirit I write... If you wish, maybe we can visit over the weekend sometime... Thoughts?
    Does it make sense to you, that he would offer to fly you and a friend to see him and pay for all the accommodations and NOW claim he is hard up and his ... For detail, click here

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